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Interesting Links for 06-03-2018

"Why I want to be adopted at the age of 27"
(tags: adoption parenting law scotland )
Cognitive benefits of bilingualism overstated
(tags: language brain )
This satire version of Gwyneth Paltrow's health website reads like the real thing to me
(tags: health fraud satire funny viaJohnBobShaun )
A perfect economic storm made Italy ripe for a protest vote (and the Euro is partially to blame)
(tags: euro Italy politics inequality economics )
Re-enter Sandman: Neil Gaiman's comics return with new writers
I loved the Lucifer series we got ages back. Hopefully some of these will also be good.
(tags: sandman neilgaiman comics )
On the sexualisation of the sirens
(tags: greece mythology translation language society sexuality writing patriarchy )
How to persuade a robot that you should get the job
(tags: cv jobs ai Technology )
How generics were added to .NET
(tags: programming design )
Australia could become first country to (nearly) eradicate cervical cancer
(tags: cancer women australia GoodNews )
Fruits and Vegetables Have Become Less Nutritious
(tags: fruit vegetables farming )
The Top Ten: Anachronistic skeuomorphs
(tags: design history )
MPs take 13 minutes to double Royal family income and approve £360m Buckingham Palace refurbishment
(tags: royalty UK money snp )
Women only multi-task because no other bugger does anything
(tags: women multitasking satire funny )
Toddler Feelings Helpline
(tags: babies funny viaSwampers )
Embiggen is now officially a cromulent word
(tags: language simpsons )

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Tags: adoption, ai, australia, babies, brain, cancer, comics, cv, design, economics, euro, farming, fraud, fruit, funny, goodnews, greece, health, history, inequality, italy, jobs, language, law, links, money, multitasking, mythology, neilgaiman, parenting, patriarchy, politics, programming, royalty, sandman, satire, scotland, sexuality, simpsons, snp, society, technology, translation, uk, vegetables, viajohnbobshaun, viaswampers, women, writing

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