Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Why I haven't enjoyed any of the Pratchett adaptations I've seen

They keep filming them as comedies.

And in my head Pratchett characters aren't in comedies. They're in tragedies, or police procedurals, or adventure stories, or straightforward dramas.

Now, the narrator may well be telling those stories in an amusing way. And the characters may sometimes make jokes. And some of the situations may end up being ridiculous.

But in my head, when I'm read the books, the characters are definitely not doing "comedy acting". And specifically not "British Comedy Acting", where everyone's speech patterns leave spaces for the laughs and emphasises the punchlines, and generally acts as if they're acting on a stage, winking at the audience. Because, in my head, the characters have no idea that what they're doing is comedy. And if they're breaking the fourth wall then they're terrified that things from the Dungeon Dimensions will now come through the gaps and eat them.

The closest I can think of for how I'd like to see Pratchett shot is something like Thor:Ragnarok. Where lots of funny things happen, but there's also a lot of tragedy and drama, and none of the characters seem to think they're there for comedic effect (except, now I think of it, for Korg, who I found a bit grating sometimes).

(Jane says that the radio version of Night Watch was played fairly seriously, but I haven't heard that.)

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