Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 02-03-2018

UK running out of gas, National Grid warns
(tags: gas UK infrastructure OhForFucksSake )
Theresa May admitted there could be no open border in Ireland if Britain outside the EU
(tags: UK Europe ireland )
Living in 'Demon's Souls' as the Servers Shut Down
(tags: games end_of_the_world )
An outraged Theresa May rejects her own EU withdrawal plan
(tags: Europe UK conservatives OhForFucksSake )
A short list of problems that having a smart dog can bring into your life
(tags: dogs Intelligence funny )
How Google has celebrated Wales every St David's Day since 2004
(tags: wales google )
Denmark plans double punishment for ghetto crime
(tags: denmark OhForFucksSake immigration crime )
Revealed: The Edinburgh bus driver who averted snow disaster
(tags: driving impressive snow Edinburgh video )
Why Scotland doesn't cope as well with snow as Canada does
(tags: Canada Scotland snow money )
Someone Put a Statue of Jason Voorhees in a Minnesota Lake For Divers to Stumble Across
(tags: water horror movies art statue )
States court Delta after lawmaker's threat to punish it for not giving discounts to the NRA
(tags: guns airplanes USA law OhForFucksSake )
Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War moved up to April 27th
Gives me a little more chance of seeing it before I'm distracted by a baby ;-)
(tags: marvel movies )
St Andrews university is refusing to pay staff for doing their job
(tags: StAndrews strike work OhForFucksSake academia university )
Las Vegas Strippers Accept Bitcoin via QR Tattoos
This was the future you were expecting, right?
(tags: bitcoin sexwork LasVegas thefuture )
By 2055, no single racial or ethnic group will constitute a majority in the United States.
(tags: USA diversity thefuture )
Polar bear makes the most of the snow at Scottish wildlife park (lovely video)
(tags: bears snow video scotland )

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Tags: academia, airplanes, art, bears, bitcoin, canada, conservatives, crime, denmark, diversity, dogs, driving, edinburgh, end_of_the_world, europe, funny, games, gas, google, guns, horror, immigration, impressive, infrastructure, intelligence, ireland, lasvegas, law, links, marvel, money, movies, ohforfuckssake, scotland, sexwork, snow, standrews, statue, strike, thefuture, uk, university, usa, video, wales, water, work

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