Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 26-02-2018

If you work at a university, here's why you should join the strike
(tags: UK university strike pensions )
Cognitive decline sets in at 45. (Ban old people from voting!)
(tags: age Intelligence )
Please, please stop saying that "Autistic people lack empathy"
(tags: autism empathy OhForFucksSake )
For 1300 years Europeans thought that Queen Bees were Kings. Here's how that changed
(tags: science gender bees history society patriarchy )
‘Black Panther': choose your weapons.
(tags: weapons marvel movies )
If you look at the economics, it's completely reasonable for university lecturers to strike over pension changes
(tags: pensions regulation academia uk strike )
Genetic contribution to neuroticism associated with affluence, health, longevity
(tags: genetics emotion psychology success health money )
A 19th-century painting of Narnia - or as close as we can get
(tags: narnia CSLewis art history oxford uk )
i agree with Nigel Farage
(tags: politics borders nationalism )
Starlings Obscure Sky Over Rome in Dystopic Viral Photo
(tags: birds Rome italy )
What is the evolutionary purpose of having periods?
(tags: menstruation evolution humans )
How poverty changes your mind-set
(tags: poverty psychology )
What is happening in the Arctic is now beyond words, so here are the pictures
(tags: globalwarming OhForFucksSake arctic ice )
How Gun Laws Could Change Even If Republicans Don’t Embrace Restrictions
(tags: usa guns )

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Tags: academia, age, arctic, art, autism, bees, birds, borders, cslewis, emotion, empathy, evolution, gender, genetics, globalwarming, guns, health, history, humans, ice, intelligence, italy, links, marvel, menstruation, money, movies, narnia, nationalism, ohforfuckssake, oxford, patriarchy, pensions, politics, poverty, psychology, regulation, rome, science, society, strike, success, uk, university, usa, weapons

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