Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

How to work around "You have read your free articles" messages

I'm aware that more and more sites are offering "Read the first three articles this month for free, pay us to read more!", which gets in the way of reading some of the links I share.

The problem being that I'm damned if I'm paying £10/month to about 30 different sites because I read widely. If I _only_ read two sites for most of my news then it'd be worth it, but until the news sites get together and say "You can have access to all of us for £30/month and we'll split the cash depending on your reading habits" they're not getting my cash*.

In the mean time, these sites tell the number of articles you've read by storing a cookie in your browser. The best way around this is to open a private window, which doesn't allow the site to see your regular cookies (and other tracking information), and so it thinks you're there for the first time.

If you're using Firefox or Chrome there are addons which will allow you to open the current page in private, which you can then use whenever you hit a warning.

*I do pay for Ars Technica, and I'd pay for a digital Wired subscription if their sign-up page didn't constantly tell me that my address didn't exist. And that I have to phone America to sort that...
**That's what Firefox calls them - in Chrome it's "incognito", in Internet Explorer it's "InPrivate". Guide to opening a window in this mode here.

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