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Interesting Links for 21-02-2018

The teenagers are rebelling, thank goodness
(tags: teenagers racism society GoodNews )
Why the Good Friday Agreement is important
(tags: NorthernIreland )
Standup comedian's husband sues for defamation over 'provocative' show
(tags: comedy relationships law uk )
Why the awfulness of the CIA is such a massive problem
(tags: cia usa OhForFucksSake )
Supplements are a $30 billion racket—here’s what experts actually recommend
(tags: health )
KFC's current situation is a warning about assuming that the cheapest contractor can deal with your complex problems
And here's the press release from October about how awesome it was going to be:
(tags: transport food chicken epicfail )
Ten years on from Norway's quota for women on corporate boards
(tags: women business )
This is one of the silliest things I've heard Theresa May say
"Oh go on, please give up a chunk of your power during a time of national crisis. You know you want to."
(tags: politics houseoflords )
Scottish income tax - how it affects you
(tags: Scotland tax )
How The Last Jedi is connected to a racist medieval story
(tags: history StarWars )
The “Microaggression” Concept
(tags: society racism sexism )
Swype pioneered a new way to type on smartphones—now it’s dead (which is a shame, because it's still my favourite keyboard)
(tags: keyboard )
Counting Calories Is Not the Key to Weight Loss
(tags: diet food health )
Woman kicked off flight after crew heard her talking about period pain
(tags: menstruation airplanes EpicWTF OhForFucksSake )
How lasers and robo-feeders are transforming fish farming
(tags: fish robots lasers automation )
Black Panther: The Tale of Two Different Viewing Experiences
(tags: marvel movies racism )
China cracks down on funeral strippers
(tags: nudity death china )
How we teach girls to be overly cautious and boys to disregard consequences
(tags: gender behaviour society )
You can write a key logger in pure CSS.
(tags: security OhForFucksSake web )
High-testosterone traders earn lower returns
(tags: testosterone men investment psychology hormones )
When isolated people who have health problems are supported by community groups and volunteers, the number of emergency admissions to hospital falls spectacularly
(tags: community health )
The Myth of the Tragedy of the Commons
(tags: economics fraud capitalism )
Ikea joins Big Clean Switch to offer 100% renewable energy tariff
(tags: ikea renewables uk electricity )

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