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Interesting Links for 20-02-2018

Simply cutting tuition fees would not help poorer graduates - but would help richer ones
(tags: inequality tuition fees uk Education )
Tuition fees: Five myths busted
(tags: tuition fees uk myths )
Plans drawn up for world's tallest wooden skyscraper
(tags: wood materials construction japan )
Man now has two beating hearts after successful 'piggy-back' transplant operation
(tags: heart organs )
The best smartwatches you can buy in 2018 (mostly for when my Pebble stops working)
(tags: watches Technology )
Sony Very Nearly Had the Movie Rights to Almost Every Marvel Character Decades Ago
To be fair, unless they invested a bunch of money in them, and made the quality of movies Marvel produced, they wouldn't have been nearly as successful
(tags: movies sony marvel viaSwampers oops )
Eating all the food in the Lord of the Rings movies
(tags: movies food lotr )
Basque-speaking footballers told they could be sent off
(tags: language football spain )
Britain is using less and less cash as it goes digital
I pay for almost everything with my phone nowadays. Which has caused problems when I want to leave a tip and don't have change. I've had to make change just for that reason a couple of times.
(tags: money UK cash )
UK millennials second worst-hit financially in developed world
(tags: inequality uk )
Skins: How the TV series produced so much British talent
(tags: tv UK actors )
Iceland's mooted circumcision ban sparks religious outrage
(tags: circumcision iceland religion )
‘People think the deer are lovely. Then they learn more about it’: the deer cull dilemma
(tags: Scotland deer wildlife environment conservation )
Technological Unemployment: Much More Than You Wanted To Know
(tags: unemployment Technology thefuture economics )
Norris Numbers - the brick walls that programmers face as their programs scale up
(tags: programming scalability design )

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