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Interesting Links for 17-02-2018

How publishers choose books
(tags: books publishing )
Grandfathering EU free trade deals for the UK: a look at an actual text
And additional content by the author:
(tags: trade uk Europe korea )
Iain M Banks's drawings of the Culture universe to be published in 2019
(tags: IainBanks TheCulture )
90% of American public schools now hold mass shooting drills for students
(tags: usa guns schools OhForFucksSake )
Seattle Is Winning the War on the Car Commute
(tags: transport usa cities )
Center Parcs pulls Daily Mail ads over homophobic article
(tags: DailyMail advertising lgbt )
Young people! Can't afford a home? Why not live in a van? FFS!
(tags: housing transport OhForFucksSake )
Design shortcuts in games to allow them to ship on time (or on very little memory)
I particularly like the Fallout 3 one
(tags: Design games )
almond-based vegan cheese is authentic medieval food (and other facts from the medieval kitchen)
(tags: food history vegan )
"For a long time, I thought that I was being loving to men by expecting less of them. I thought wrong. I was not being loving. I was not being kind. I was only being nice — and nice is not enough."
(tags: men society abuse )

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