Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 15-02-2018

Boris Johnson talking 'total nonsense' about EU, European Commission president says
(tags: Europe uk )
Russia has threatened to block access to YouTube and Instagram if they don't remove posts that show a senior government official sailing on a yacht with a billionaire oligarch, who has links with the Trump campaign
(tags: Russia censorship corruption )
What If Men And Women Skied Against Each Other In The Olympics?
(tags: gender sports olympics competition snow winter )
You've always wanted Robocop Valentine's cards
(tags: movies valentines_day funny )
In Leaked Chats, Wikileaks Discusses Preference for GOP
(tags: politics JulianAssange usa wikileaks OhForFucksSake )
This kid shattering the top of a frozen trampoline with one perfect jump may be the most satisfying thing you'll see all day.
(tags: ice trampoline awesome video )
Travelodge overbooks its rooms!
(tags: hotel OhForFucksSake )
Norwegian women drink least while pregnant, British women drink most
(tags: alcohol pregnancy )
Feminist has a T
(tags: feminism lgbt transgender )
Magic Leap One Video – Diffractive Waveguides Confirmed
(tags: augmentedreality Technology )
The crow that could count higher than Clive
(tags: crows numbers )

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Tags: alcohol, augmentedreality, awesome, censorship, competition, corruption, crows, europe, feminism, funny, gender, hotel, ice, julianassange, lgbt, links, movies, numbers, ohforfuckssake, olympics, politics, pregnancy, russia, snow, sports, technology, trampoline, transgender, uk, usa, valentines_day, video, wikileaks, winter

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