Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 09-02-2018

Crushed wood is stronger than steel
(tags: materials wood )
Venom: first trailer released for Tom Hardy's Spider-Man spin-off
(tags: movies marvel spiderman )
If incarcerated menstruating women in Arizona bleed through the 12 pads (0 tampons) they're allotted each month and stain their clothes, they get a dress code violation. That violation means they can't purchase store items, including tampons and pads!
(tags: women usa arizona menstruation OhForFucksSake prison )
"Deadpool, Meet Cable" (new trailer, made me giggle an awful lot)
(tags: movies marvel funny video trailer )
Japanese ambassador to UK warns on Brexit
"companies, in particular the major manufacturers, expected free access to the European market" it says on a different site.
(tags: Japan trade UK europe )
Boris Johnson decides 'it would not be appropriate' to intervene as Bermuda repeals same-sex marriage
(tags: marriage lgbt UK OhForFucksSake )
You should read Japan's Brexit note to Britain — it's brutal
(tags: Japan UK Europe trade )
Northern Ireland will stay in single market after Brexit, EU says
(tags: uk Europe NorthernIreland )
First human eggs grown in laboratory
(tags: eggs fertility humans )
New York Times Subscription Revenue Surpassed $1B in 2017
(tags: newspapers usa money )
What It’s Like to Live in a Surveillance State
(tags: China surveillance OhForFucksSake )
Plagiarism software unveils one of Shakespeare’s sources
(tags: shakespeare )
Facebook testing 'downvote' button
(tags: facebook )

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Tags: arizona, china, eggs, europe, facebook, fertility, funny, humans, japan, lgbt, links, marriage, marvel, materials, menstruation, money, movies, newspapers, northernireland, ohforfuckssake, prison, shakespeare, spiderman, surveillance, trade, trailer, uk, usa, video, women, wood

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