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Interesting Links for 07-02-2018

Love Island women offered less money for other work than men
(tags: women men money )
Katie Hopkins detained by passport control for spreading racial hatred
(tags: racism southafrica GoodNews )
Theresa May announces review into sustainable print journalism
(tags: newspapers uk )
UK crops left to rot after drop in EU farm workers in Britain after Brexit referendum
(tags: UK Europe farming OhForFucksSake )
Scotland is now the right size on BBC's new weather map
(tags: BBC weather maps Scotland uk )
AI Just Learned How to Boost the Brain's Memory - From the Inside
(tags: brains neuroscience ai )
I had no idea paper jams were so complex and fascinating
(tags: paper technology design )
Edinburgh arts base "St Mags" under threat from £15m student flats deal
(tags: art housing Edinburgh OhForFucksSake beltane )
Elon Musk's Falcon Heavy rocket launches successfully - hopefully sending his car to Mars
(tags: mars space ElonMusk Spacex )
California Crops Rot as Immigration Crackdown Creates Farmworker Shortage
(tags: farming immigration usa Mexico fail )
Another Star Wars movie series is coming—from Game of Thrones‘ showrunners
(tags: gameofthrones StarWars )
Do you live in the Blue Banana
(tags: urbanisation europe viaElfy )
This may be the moment SpaceX opened the cosmos to the masses
(tags: space Spacex )
Want to help your partner stress less? Listen from the heart
(tags: stress psychology communication )
First modern Briton had dark to black skin, DNA research reveals
(tags: uk prehistory dna )
Gig economy: Theresa May promises to improve conditions for millions of workers
(tags: work law uk Conservatives )
UK could adopt Norway bottle recycling system
(tags: norway recycLing plastic uk )
What happens in a working-class town when work is taken away? (they vote for Brexit, because the government blames Europe)
(tags: uk jobs Europe poverty fail )
Winter Olympics : US skiers use VR goggles & brain zapping headphones
(tags: sport VirtualReality brain usa )
If we gave everyone a decent standard of living, could we sustain it?
(tags: life economics earth environment )
Americans are spending less on clothing (casual dress commonplace, ties vanishing)
(tags: clothing )
The ReMarkable E Ink Tablet
(tags: Technology review )
Germany has a government again!
(tags: Germany government )
The Stats on the ‘Star Wars’ Film Universe: Its Creators Are 96% White Men
(tags: StarWars diversity )

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