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Interesting Links for 05-02-2018

Uma Thurman Almost Died While Filming Kill Bill
(tags: movies QuentinTarantino OhForFucksSake safety )
Wales is leading the way on democratic reform. The Prime Minister should take note
(tags: voting UK Wales England scotland )
Venice without water
(tags: Italy water transport )
Things that were more likely to kill you in 1970s Britain than today
(tags: uk death GoodNews )
When Jacob Rees Mogg says that Brexit will reduce the cost of food, wine and clothes “by 20 per cent”, whose model, and assumptions, is he relying on?
(tags: economics uk europe OhForFucksSake )
A ten-second video which sums up how much of a dick cats are
(tags: cats evil video )
Almost-Classics: SF Concepts and Settings That Deserve Better Execution
(tags: writing scifi )
How Superman is finally defeated
(tags: comics funny comic superheroes )
The Economists for Brexit predictions are inconsistent with the basic facts of international trade
(tags: economics trade europe uk fraud viaPatrickHadfield )
Ann Widdecombe isn’t a harmless comedy old lady – she’s a homophobe
(tags: abortion lgbt Conservatives )
Some amusing examples of people improvising when they didn't know the language
(tags: language funny )
A brief note on the genitals on transgender people
(tags: transgender genitals lgbt )
In praise of open borders
(tags: immigration usa )
You thought quantum mechanics was weird: check out entangled time
(tags: quantum time )
People Aren’t Having Babies Because the Rent Is Too Damn High
(tags: money housing children society cities )
Actual Nazi Will Be GOP Nominee In Illinois Congressional Race
(tags: nazis republicans holocaust OhForFucksSake politics usa )
The Icefish Has Clear Blood (because it's so damn cold oxygen dissolves into plasma)
(tags: fish blood oxygen cold )
Solo: A Star Wars Story (first teaser)
(tags: trailer StarWars )
DPD courier who was fined for day off to see doctor dies from diabetes
(tags: business death health OhForFucksSake delivery )
Modern CSS Explained For Dinosaurs
(tags: css )
Baby boomers to get far more welfare support than Generation X and Millennials
(tags: welfare OhForFucksSake uk )

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Tags: abortion, blood, business, cats, children, cities, cold, comic, comics, conservatives, css, death, delivery, economics, england, europe, evil, fish, fraud, funny, genitals, goodnews, health, holocaust, housing, immigration, italy, language, lgbt, links, money, movies, nazis, ohforfuckssake, oxygen, politics, quantum, quentintarantino, republicans, safety, scifi, scotland, society, starwars, superheroes, time, trade, trailer, transgender, transport, uk, usa, viapatrickhadfield, video, voting, wales, water, welfare, writing

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