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Interesting Links for 02-02-2018

Theresa May starts another fight she will not win (over transition this time)
(tags: politics UK Europe OhForFucksSake )
Free Bananas In the Break Room - a tale of email apocalypse
(tags: email funny OhForFucksSake viaSwampers )
Baltimore: more than twice as lethal as Northern Ireland during the Troubles
(tags: NorthernIreland usa racism OhForFucksSake )
Baltimore Cops Kept Toy Guns to Plant Just in Case They Shot an Unarmed Person
(tags: usa guns police corruption OhForFucksSake )
13% of British households are millionaires (Mostly because of pensions and housing)
(tags: wealth uk pensions housing )
The government isn't planning for "No Deal" - here's how you can tell
(tags: uk europe fail government Conservatives )
A interview with an Elite Dangerous player from 10 years from the future.
(tags: interview thefuture games funny )
Group Of DC Fans Attempting to Sabotage 'Black Panther's Rotten Tomatoes Audience Score
(tags: comics OhForFucksSake )
Scotland set to pass 'gold standard' domestic abuse law
(tags: law abuse scotland )
Why PS4 downloads are so slow
(tags: playstation networking OhForFucksSake )
How to Do Karate in a Victorian Dress
(tags: clothing women MartialArts history )
Last Commanders: a geeky new Knightmare-esque gameshow
(tags: games tv bbc uk VirtualReality )
Why American Farmers Are Hacking Their Tractors With Ukrainian Firmware
(tags: farming software hacking )
A satirical list of tv shows that should exist
(tags: tv funny )
Ibuprofen could harm fertility of unborn baby girls
(tags: medicine fertility women babies )
Interesting look at what it's like as a professional League of Legends player
(tags: games )
Use of plastic straws scrapped at Scottish Parliament
(tags: recycling scotland GoodNews )
Prostate cancer now kills more people than breast cancer
(tags: uk prostate cancer )
Asking the Right Questions About Artificial Intelligence
(tags: ai ethics Technology thefuture )
A Dad Stole This Toddler's Identity To Open Credit Cards. Here's How The System Failed Him.
(tags: fraud credit viaSwampers children )

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Tags: abuse, ai, babies, bbc, cancer, children, clothing, comics, conservatives, corruption, credit, email, ethics, europe, fail, farming, fertility, fraud, funny, games, goodnews, government, guns, hacking, history, housing, interview, law, links, martialarts, medicine, networking, northernireland, ohforfuckssake, pensions, playstation, police, politics, prostate, racism, recycling, scotland, software, technology, thefuture, tv, uk, usa, viaswampers, virtualreality, wealth, women

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