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Interesting Links for 28-01-2018

China Has Already Gene-Edited 86 People With CRISPR
(tags: china genetics )
India's switched-at-birth babies who refused to swap back (The hospital bureaucrats should be fired)
(tags: india babies )
The President's Club, MeToo and a difficult conversation
(tags: abuse sex patriarchy )
City transit is undermined by rich people pretending that everyone can travel the way that they like to, despite that being physically impossible
(tags: transport design cities )
Producers Guild of America Anti-Sexual Harassment Guidelines
(tags: harassment abuse movies advice )
How Heartland saved a fortune on tax by adding molasses - and then removing it again
(tags: tax usa canada law )
How Jessica Chastain got Octavia Spencer five times the pay
(tags: money race gender movies )
Sperm counts in western men down by 50% since 1973
(tags: sperm fertility )
Star War-inspired 3D images floating in thin air
(tags: StarWars Holograms light )
New test can tell IBS sufferers whether the low-Fodmap diet will help (which it does 73% of the time)
(tags: diet IBS food )
New Study Shows GA-Map Gut Microbial Composition Test Successfully Identifies IBS Patients That Can Benefit from FODMAP Diet
(tags: diet food IBS )
Tesla! vs! Lovecraft!
(tags: hplovecraft game science cthulhu )
A 15-year look at how energy changed in the US, state by state
(tags: energy electricity renewables co2 usa )
Poland moves to make phrase 'Polish death camps' a criminal offence
(tags: Poland holocaust )
The Follower Factory - huge numbers of fake Twitter followers sold for pennies a time to desperate celebrities
(tags: Twitter fraud )
Record-setting polar explorer, 16, hits back at men who say she belongs in the kitchen
(tags: abuse patriarchy society arctic exploration )
‘We Shall Overcome’ Is Put in Public Domain in a Copyright Settlement
(tags: music copyright GoodNews )

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