Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 25-01-2018

Think your country is crowded? These maps reveal the truth about population density across Europe
(tags: population europe maps )
How Private Equity Killed Toys “R” Us
(tags: business money )
This Is What Domestic Violence Is Like When You're LGBT
(tags: lgbt rape abuse )
Scotland to ban electric shock dog collars
(tags: dogs scotland )
Working in female-dominated workplaces means worse access to flexible working arrangements
(tags: women work )
How Canada may use Sweden's gender-balanced snow-clearing to adjust their budgets
(tags: Canada feminism government money )
The Humanity Star
(tags: space )
This 19-year-old Kiwi farmer accidentally became a character in a US board game
(tags: newzealand usa boardgames wikipedia )
Conflict Theory vs Mistake Theory
I'm Mistake Theory by nature - with a few bits of learned Conflict.
(tags: politics philosophy argument belief society )
World's first electric container barges to sail from European ports this summer
(tags: electricity transport europe canal )
It’s not all in their heads: people with low self-esteem really do have less responsive partners
(tags: psychology relationships self-esteem )
Possibly the finest special effect of all time
(tags: specialeffects muppets viaSwampers )

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Tags: abuse, argument, belief, boardgames, business, canada, canal, dogs, electricity, europe, feminism, government, lgbt, links, maps, money, muppets, newzealand, philosophy, politics, population, psychology, rape, relationships, scotland, self-esteem, society, space, specialeffects, transport, usa, viaswampers, wikipedia, women, work

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