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Interesting Links for 24-01-2018

In-N-Out - the burger chain that sees the value in decent wages
(tags: food jobs pay )
Brexit and the Sewel (legislative consent) Convention
(tags: UK Europe Scotland NorthernIreland wales law )
On Mulling Over the Sutton Gas Inflection Point and Other Energy Market Changes
(tags: energy renewables thefuture )
Behold: The Capisceptic Alliance!
(tags: capitalism politics labour )
Why Infants Stop Crying When You Stand Up
(tags: viaSwampers babies )
Jeremy Hunt admits supply of EU cancer drugs to Britain could be disrupted if Brexit talks break down
(tags: cancer drugs medicine Europe uk )
Ursula K Le Guin. 1929 - 2018
(tags: death writing UrsulaKLegGuin )
Deaf mum sues Little Mix promoter in sign language row
(tags: deafness disability law uk )
MP calls for tougher laws after women groped at men-only charity gala
(tags: abuse women charity uk )
How Russia’s Hilarious, Homoerotic “Satisfaction” Became a Nationwide Meme of Solidarity
(tags: Russia lgbt meme viaSwampers )
Scholars who believe nurture trumps nature also tend to doubt the scientific method
(tags: science nature nurture personality society )
Doctors blocked by Home Office from taking up vital NHS jobs
Have I mentioned my general hatred of the home office?
(tags: NHS doctors immigration UK OhForFucksSake )
'I felt vulnerable and violated': Why rape victims fear smear tests
(tags: rape health women )
How to protect pensions when a company goes bust
(tags: pensions business uk )
Why Brexit is Enid Blyton's fault
(tags: children stories uk europe bigotry )
Fact check: Scotland's Union flag row
(tags: flags scotland headdesk )
Camels banned from Saudi beauty contest over Botox
(tags: camels beauty saudiarabia )
Mary Lee Berners-Lee obituary (A pinoeer, and one of the world's first freelance programmers)
(tags: programming history women )
Elon Musk's $0 Salary Encapsulates the Legend of Tesla
(tags: Tesla money thefuture )

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Tags: abuse, babies, beauty, bigotry, business, camels, cancer, capitalism, charity, children, deafness, death, disability, doctors, drugs, energy, europe, flags, food, headdesk, health, history, immigration, jobs, labour, law, lgbt, links, medicine, meme, money, nature, nhs, northernireland, nurture, ohforfuckssake, pay, pensions, personality, politics, programming, rape, renewables, russia, saudiarabia, science, scotland, society, stories, tesla, thefuture, uk, ursulaklegguin, viaswampers, wales, women, writing

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