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Interesting Links for 23-01-2018

The Lightning Network Could Make Bitcoin Faster—and Cheaper
(tags: bitcoin )
Top architect insists Scotland - Ireland bridge is feasible
(tags: bridge scotland ireland )
Whatever happened to the Brexit talks?
(tags: uk europe )
'Terrifying': How a single line of computer code put thousands of innocent Turks in jail
(tags: turkey internet OhForFucksSake )
The (almost) complete history of 'fake news'
(tags: fake fraud reporting news media )
Once you start engineering Earth's climate you can't stop
(tags: engineering globalwarming Technology thefuture )
How to deal with Twitter trolls
(tags: troll advice harassment twitter )
New York *literally* has a "get out of jail" card. What The Fuck is going on over there?
(tags: police newyork WTF corruption )
In Colorado, a glimpse of renewable energy’s insanely cheap future
(tags: renewables GoodNews thefuture )
Why Churchill was a vicious racist villain
(tags: history UK Africa India racism afghanistan )
Seattle’s $15 Minimum Wage Experiment Is a Success
(tags: minimumwage usa )
More on “Get Out of Jail Free” Cards
(tags: police corruption usa )
One in three women miss cervical screening due to embarrassment
(tags: health women uk )
Driver behaviour transformed by A90 average speed cameras
(tags: speed driving safety Scotland cameras )
Nursing Home Recreates Communist East Germany for Dementia Patients
(tags: dementia age care germany memory history )
Trump puts 30% tariff on imported solar cells and modules
(tags: solarpower china usa trade )
Europe's central banks are starting to replace US dollar reserves with the Chinese yuan
(tags: china europe usa finance )
Want a healthier population? Spend less on health care and more on social services
(tags: health money society )
Can You Buy A License to Speed?
(tags: speed crime police )
English NHS accused of fiddling A&E figures to downplay extent of crisis 
(tags: NHS fail OhForFucksSake )

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