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Interesting Links for 19-01-2018

Brexit: EU relocates Galileo satellite system installation from UK to Spain
(tags: uk Europe spain )
Workers dismantling old North Sea oil and gas rigs will be paid less than the minimum wage
(tags: uk pay oil )
Airbnb plans for 90-day restriction in Edinburgh
(tags: edinburgh housing )
HIV positive man can become a commercial pilot
(tags: flight hiv )
Drugs sounds be legalised, not decriminalised
(tags: Drugs legalisation )
North Korea’s fabric made of stone
(tags: NorthKorea materials clothing )
The 29 Stages Of A Twitterstorm In 2018 (Astoundingly accurate. How did we get here?)
(tags: Twitter life OhForFucksSake society )
42 percent of Republicans believe accurate — but negative — stories qualify as 'fake news'
(tags: fraud news media OhForFucksSake )
3,265 women travelled from the Republic of Ireland to the UK for abortions in 2016
(tags: abortion Ireland uk )
Venezuelan Hyperinflation Explodes, Soaring Over 440,000 Percent
(tags: Venezuela inflation economy OhForFucksSake )
Finally, someone brings the sciences and humanities together
(tags: scifi humanities science comic )
Life is hard when you're a wolf who just wants to eat their apple
(tags: apple wolves video )
Why Walkable Streets Are More Economically Productive
(tags: cities economics )
Moses Farrow Speaks Out (on Mia Farrow and Woody Allen)
(tags: abuse family )
Paleo diet healthier for overweight women
(tags: women food )
Why you don't want artificial intelligence designing your life
(tags: ai life )
I suspect we're going to get a lot more of these stories of entitled men behaving awfully on dates
(tags: relationships men OhForFucksSake )
The cost of computer games (fascinating, and covering their whole history)
(tags: games money )
From PFI to privatisation, our national accounting rules encourage daft decisions.
(tags: accounting uk economics government )
Top tip: Murderers, don't tag yourself in photos with the victim and the murder weapon!
(tags: murder facebook fail )
Two doses of psilocybin and some meditation brings about lasting, positive changes to altruism, gratitude, forgiveness and closeness
(tags: psilocybin magic_mushrooms psychology happiness )
Blood test found for 8 common forms of cancer.
(tags: cancer blood )
Reality has a surprising amount of detail (some vital advice if you want to be good at something)
(tags: experience life advice )
The difficult life of Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette - the first female French novelist to have a state funeral
(tags: women history writing france )
TV, retail, advertising and cascading collapses
(tags: business internet )
Moore and Williams III's Promethea Comes to Justice League of America
I can hear Alan Moore exploding from here...
(tags: comics alanmoore )
How does "Mrs Brown’s Boys" divide Britain?
(tags: polls tv demographics comedy uk )
‘Superheroes don’t work 90-hour weeks’
(tags: working_hours )
Call to curb disruption caused by holiday lets like Airbnb
(tags: housing rental holidays regulation )

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