Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 16-01-2018

Barcelona moving to open source
(tags: Spain software opensource )
How does an MP resign and what happens next?
(tags: politics uk )
"Milkshake ​​duck" announced as Macquarie Dictionary’s word of the year
(tags: internet society language )
Drinking more than one unit of alcohol per day is bad for your mental ability (and worse for older people)
(tags: alcohol Intelligence )
Jeremy Corbyn tightens grip on Labour as left-wingers sweep NEC election
(tags: labour politics uk )
Brexit could cost Scottish economy £16bn a year
(tags: UK Europe Scotland economy )
1,000 Danish youths face charges for sharing 15-year-olds’ sex videos
(tags: videos sex children crime denmark )
Albert Hofmann describes the very first usage of LSD
(tags: lsd drugs history )
Google is losing its memory
(tags: Google history fail )
'A monumental change': how Ireland transformed transgender rights
(tags: transgender lgbt Ireland uk )
Man faces online abuse after taking wife's surname on getting married
(tags: abuse names patriarchy men )
Plan to create ‘European boulevard’ in centre of Edinburgh
(tags: edinburgh )
Pointing out how Ted Chian's article on AI risk is nonsense
(tags: ai )
The worst volume control UI in the world
(tags: design satire funny )
Kazakhstan Cheers New Alphabet, Except for All Those Apostrophes
(tags: language punctuation kazakhstan )
Dietary fat, changes in fat metabolism may promote prostate cancer metastasis
(tags: fat cancer prostate mice )

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