Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 15-01-2018

Eliza Dushku speaks out about being molested age 12
(tags: abuse Child_abuse hollywood )
Data Wing is the best mobile game I've played.
(tags: game review phones )
Legal marijuana cuts violence
(tags: violence murder marijuana drugs usa legalisation )
"People who made an impulse decision when they found out Hawaii was going to be nuked, what did you do and do you regret it?"
(tags: Hawaii nuclearweapons )
Rape Culture, Autism, Ableism, Body Language and Consent
(tags: consent disability rape RapeCulture autism )
The US commando who vanished in Vietnam, and then reappeared 40 years later. Or did he?
(tags: identity war vietnam history usa )
Virgin Trains will stock Daily Mail newspapers, says Richard Branson in U-turn decision
(tags: DailyMail virgin trains )
First-time buyers see biggest rise in asking prices (because they're exempt from stamp duty people can afford to pay more)
It's fairly simple economics - (most) people pay as much as they can afford per month. So removing stamp duty was never going to actually lower the prices. The only way to do that is to...produce more housing supply.
(tags: housing uk )
Seattle builds new apartments, rental prices drop
(tags: economics housing usa )
Meet Science Cat!
(tags: cats science funny comic )

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Tags: abuse, autism, cats, child_abuse, comic, consent, dailymail, disability, drugs, economics, funny, game, hawaii, history, hollywood, housing, identity, legalisation, links, marijuana, murder, nuclearweapons, phones, rape, rapeculture, review, science, trains, uk, usa, vietnam, violence, virgin, war

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