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Interesting Links for 11-01-2018

Facebook has open-sourced encrypted group chat
(tags: chat Facebook encryption )
"Science" makes progress on reproducibility
(tags: research )
Jeremy Corbyn promises to force nationalised railways to sell the Daily Mail
I mean, I can't really think of another way of interpreting it, seeing as they weren't banned from selling it before - they just made a choice not to. So if he wants to reverse the current policy then presumably it's because he wants to force them to sell it. Either that or they have no idea what they're talking about...
(tags: DailyMail labour wtf )
Why do humans re-read stories?
(tags: stories )
A collection of management consulting frameworks & graphics that make no sense
(tags: management work organisation )
Exposure to light makes fat cells shrink
(tags: fat light )
Sleeping for longer leads to a healthier diet
(tags: diet food sleep )
If you're going to commit bigamy you probably shouldn't go on tv with, well, either wife
(tags: marriage crime EpicStupidity )
Ikea Wants You to Pee on This Ad. If You’re Pregnant, It Will Give You a Discount on a Crib
(tags: pregnancy urination advertising )
Autonomous transportation launching to 125k residents in Florida
(tags: Florida automation cars )
UCL to investigate eugenics conference secretly held on campus (last year's keynote speaker: Toby Young)
(tags: racism intelligence London University uk )
Marvel Moving Forward With ‘Black Widow’ Standalone Movie
Should have happened years ago, of course.
(tags: marvel movies women scarlettjohansson )
How Much Does the Entire Internet Weigh?
(tags: weight internet electrons )
Two genes in Chromosomes 13 and 14, linked to Homosexuality
(tags: lgbt genetics )
Looking for Female Participants for a Board Game Study
(tags: women games )
Incredible 'Hypatia' Stone Contains Compounds Not Found in the Solar System
(tags: space )
Over half of Heathrow's near 79,000 noise complaints last year came from 10 people
(tags: airplanes noise London complaints uk )
Don't Judge People at the Supermarket for Buying Pre-Chopped Vegetables
(tags: disabilities food )
Definition of marriage has now evolved to include same-sex couples, EU court says
(tags: europe marriage lgbt equality )

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