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Interesting Links for 10-01-2018

What Is MicroLED and When am I Going to Get It?
(tags: tv Technology led thefuture )
Koreas agree military talks to defuse border tension
(tags: korea NorthKorea GoodNews )
Just-Eat replaces credit-card charge with...service charge
(tags: money food uk )
Luxury retirement village in Granton (Edinburgh) given green light
(tags: edinburgh scotland housing uk )
The Edinburgh neighbourhood that's home to billions of pounds of illegal activity and money laundering
(tags: edinburgh money OhForFucksSake )
Brain Surgery in 3-D: Coming Soon to the Operating Theater
(tags: surgery 3d Technology )
No tracking, no revenue: Apple's privacy feature costs ad companies millions (yay!)
(tags: advertising Apple privacy GoodNews )
Virgin West Coast train firm stops selling Daily Mail
(tags: DailyMail virgin trains )
"The day I accidentally killed a little boy"
(tags: death children cars accident )
Prime Minister has to tell apparently grown adults that bullying people is not ok.
(tags: bullying politics society )
How to Take a Picture of a Stealth Bomber Over the Rose Bowl
(tags: photography airplanes impressive )
Lessons from the history of radio, and why the internet needs to learn them.
(tags: internet radio technology communication Nazis war propaganda surveillance )
How George Lucas influenced Star Wars: The Last Jedi
(tags: StarWars georgelucas )
Andrew Hickey reads Fire and Fury so you don't have to
(tags: usa politics OhForFucksSake review )
Why dolphins are deep thinkers (They work for fish - and then learn how to game the system)
(tags: dolphins Intelligence )
In contrast to Theresa May: here’s how Clement Attlee went about a sacking
(tags: politics jobs history )
The Subtle Misogyny in Anti-Goth Makeovers
(tags: goth fashion society patriarchy )
Some friends are on a cruise around the antarctic. Some of the photos are awesome.
(tags: antarctic photos )
This is my favourite 2016 election map
(tags: maps politics elections usa xkcd )
Designing consent for the GDPR is onerous - and that's a good thing
(tags: consent privacy web surveillance europe )
In 1936 a doctor injected King George V so his death would be in time for the morning papers
(tags: royalty uk death history )
Institutional racism is when changing your name from "Jasmeet" to "Millie" means you suddenly get job interviews...
(tags: names racism uk jobs )
Tim Sweeney on the First Version of the Unreal Editor
(tags: games tools Technology )
Researchers have tested ways to reduce the collective blaming of Muslims for extremism
(tags: psychology islam terrorism )
Michael Barnier asks important questions about Brexit and what comes after
(tags: uk europe )
The Fight For Patent-Unencumbered Media Codecs Is Nearly Won
(tags: videos Technology patents GoodNews )

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