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Interesting Links for 08-01-2018

Sexual dimorphism of brain structure in the 1-month infant
(tags: gender brain )
"Me and Harry Potter" (by the original book cover artist)
(tags: harrypotter art books )
How Smart People Talk About Themselves
(tags: Intelligence )
Is Your Child Lying to You? That’s Good
(tags: children lying Intelligence )
WH Auden reviews The Fellowship Of The Ring
(tags: lotr review )
Black Mirror: 1951
(tags: comic Technology funny )
Baby kangaroos are the easiest animal to kidnap
(tags: animals video cute )
Solar doesn’t need a “breakthrough”. It’s a breakthrough on it’s own.
(tags: solarpower viaDanielDWilliam GoodNews )
The old year is slain. With luck, the next one we raise will be better.
(tags: comic time life )
BBC China editor Carrie Gracie quits in equal pay row
(tags: bbc gender pay money equality feminism )
Sarah Silverman’s response to a sexist tweet is a much-needed ray of hope
(tags: sexism hate abuse love twitter )
Girl who shaved her head for cancer charity 'put in isolation' by school
(tags: hair school girls OhForFucksSake )
Open Banking starts next week. Meet the man making it happen
(tags: banking Technology uk )
If you find a package full of mysterious white powder - DO NOT SNORT IT!
(tags: OhForFucksSake drugs idiocy )
Harry Potter vs Brexit
(tags: uk europe fascism usa harrypotter fanfic )
Jeremy Corbyn's views on Brexit: a long held stance on Europe
(tags: Europe labour politics uk )
LG Display's 65-inch OLED TV can roll up like a poster
(tags: tv technology )
Beijing bets on facial recognition in a big drive for total surveillance
(tags: china surveillance )
Chinese shoe company tricks people into swiping Instagram ad with fake strand of hair
(tags: advertising fraud genius )
Fujitsu has a citywide surveillance solution. I wonder how many other companies are selling such things
(tags: surveillance Technology )
Facts aren’t everything – understanding parents’ moral reasons for avoiding vaccination
(tags: vaccination morality psychology )
Birth-order effects may be strong - but also very specific
(tags: children birth personality psychology )
Blackbeard's Book Club? Document Discovery May Reveal Pirate Reading List
(tags: pirates books history )

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