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Interesting Links for 05-01-2018

The Transgender Scientist Who Changed Our Understanding of the Brain
(tags: brain lgbt research viaSwampers )
HDR Photography in Microsoft Excel?! (amazing, funny, talk. With maths)
(tags: photography excel video funny Technology )
Get a grip, get a smartphone, and move into the 21st century
(tags: technology thefuture phones )
U.S. to End Policy That Let Legal Pot Flourish
(tags: usa marijuana legalisation OhForFucksSake )
'Would you be willing?': words to turn a conversation around (and those to avoid)
(tags: psychology language communication viaFrancescaElston )
Aversion to holes driven by disgust, not fear
(tags: fear emotion disgust psychology )
Eating more foods with choline during pregnancy could boost baby’s brain
(tags: babies brain food )
Having science students do lab work doesn't actually teach them anything
(tags: education science )
Rosamund Pike says actors won't play second fiddle to actresses
(tags: acting Hollywood movies gender )
HBO will make Game of Thrones fans wait until 2019 for final season
(tags: gameofthrones tv thefuture )
Demolition complete at St James Centre site
(tags: Edinburgh construction architecture )
Stop asking ‘what about men?’
(tags: gender society )
'Swedish death cleaning' is the new decluttering trend
(tags: death cleanliness )
New measurement confirms: The ozone is coming back
(tags: environment GoodNews )
SyFy Announces Nightflyers (based on the GRRM novella)
(tags: scifi tv GeorgeRRMartin )
Vienna ‘New Year’s Baby’ Greeted First With Hate, Then Hearts
(tags: austria racism )
Mapping technique finds links between brain connections and IQ
(tags: IQ intelligence brain )
The common ancestor of all humans lived about 3,600 years ago
(tags: history humans genetics )
"My ten hour white noise video now has five copyright claims!"
(tags: copyright youtube OhForFucksSake )

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