Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 30-12-2017

Jane and I were very entertained by "Manhunt: Unabomber"
(tags: tv fbi terrorism history )
Marvel wants you to write comics with no farts, death, aliens, gossip, or ‘social issues’
(tags: marvel comics fanfic )
If you're wondering why women don't report sexual assault
(tags: assault uk police )
Proof that cats and dogs can be friends - even with a huge size difference.
(tags: lion dogs video cute )
'Star Wars' Franchise Crosses $4 Billion, Eclipsing Disney's Lucasfilm Price
(tags: StarWars Disney )
Irish government releases papers showing MI5 worked with UVF, double crossed them, and tried to use them to assassinate the Taoiseach
(tags: Ireland NorthernIreland terrorism uk military history )
Child porn law goes nuts: 14-year-old girl charged for nude selfie
(tags: OhForFucksSake teenagers nudity law )
Man killed by police; online gaming community blames 'swatting'
(tags: police games OhForFucksSake guns usa )
Tehran police: No more arrests for flouting dress code
(tags: Iran clothing islam women )
Photos From Modern Hippie Rainbow Gatherings Around The World (NSFW)
(tags: photos nature nudity )
Cold, Fed Up, Suicidal - Chilling Testimonials from US Drone Pilots
(tags: usa drone mentalhealth military )
Men Explain, in Great Detail, Why They Don't Eat Pussy
(tags: sex men )
Kim Clijsters gives man tennis skirt for hit at Wimbledon 2017
(tags: funny tennis video )
Gorgeous photos of brutalist churches (and others with interesting architecture)
(tags: photos religion architecture )
Sunsets, 2017
(tags: sun photos )
How Pirates Of The Caribbean Hijacked America's Metric System
(tags: pirates measurement history )

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Tags: architecture, assault, clothing, comics, cute, disney, dogs, drone, fanfic, fbi, funny, games, guns, history, iran, ireland, islam, law, links, lion, marvel, measurement, men, mentalhealth, military, nature, northernireland, nudity, ohforfuckssake, photos, pirates, police, religion, sex, starwars, sun, teenagers, tennis, terrorism, tv, uk, usa, video, women

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