Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 29-12-2017

Female grant applicants are equally successful when peer reviewers assess the science, but not when they assess the scientist
(tags: science patriarchy society women )
Callous and unemotional traits show in brain structure of boys only
(tags: boys gender brain emotion psychology caring )
Jeremy Corbyn: “We’re not advocating a second referendum”
(tags: Europe UK labour )
Britain’s power system is the fourth cleanest in Europe and the seventh cleanest in the world.
(tags: electricity environment renewables )
Campaigning for higher and fairer taxes
(tags: tax uk politics libdem )
Sometimes Star Wars fans are the best fans
(tags: StarWars IceCream fandom )
Introducing Internet-based testing for STIs doubles testing uptake
(tags: sex disease internet )
Canada spends as much on marijuana as wine
(tags: Canada marijuana legalisation )
Shenzhen electrifies massive fleet of 16,000+ electric buses
(tags: China buses transport electricity )
Amazon and Google still can't agree to share nicely
(tags: Amazon Google YouTube OhForFucksSake )
Economics in Minecraft (some amazing stories. I don't understand all of it, but it's very fun)
(tags: economics minecraft markets games )
The economics of legal pot
(tags: marijuana legalisation economics )

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Tags: amazon, boys, brain, buses, canada, caring, china, disease, economics, electricity, emotion, environment, europe, fandom, games, gender, google, icecream, internet, labour, legalisation, libdem, links, marijuana, markets, minecraft, ohforfuckssake, patriarchy, politics, psychology, renewables, science, sex, society, starwars, tax, transport, uk, women, youtube

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