Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 19-12-2017

The top ten movies of 2017 are all remakes or sequels
(tags: movies remake )
First female Bishop of London appointed
(tags: uk women ChurchOfEngland )
Estimates of physical strength determined over 70% of men's bodily attractiveness
(tags: attraction men psychology )
Grenfell Tower fire report finds UK building regulations not fit for purpose
(tags: housing regulation )
Twitter suspends Britain First leaders
(tags: Twitter censorship hate racism )
What are the best soundtracks?
Saved so I can find it again when I need to
(tags: music movies soundtrack )
Birds learn from each other's 'disgust,' enabling insects to evolve bright colors
(tags: evolution birds insects learning )
Poor people forced to attain happiness through spending time with others
(tags: happiness money psychology )
Abandoned rape kits identify over 800 serial rapists in one Michigan county
(tags: rape usa OhForFucksSake )
Artist Creates Amazing Sculptures With Her Natural Hair
(tags: hair sculpture art )
20mph zones are not causing more deaths
(tags: transport death cars )
Queensferry Crossing speed limit will increase from tomorrow
(tags: edinburgh bridge transport scotland )
Interstellar object Oumuamua covered in thick crust of carbon-rich gunk
(tags: space )
Link between brain injuries and criminal behaviour found
(tags: brain crime )
When your friend dies and Facebook hides that from you
(tags: facebook death OhForFucksSake )
Let it go: The Arctic will never be frozen again
(tags: arctic globalwarming )
Belgium ends 19th-Century telegram service
(tags: Technology communication telegraph )
Different countries answer whether life is better or worst than 50 years ago
Quite glad I don't live in Venezuela
(tags: life history happiness society )
So, you've messed up with Git. Here's some tips to recover
(tags: git advice )
Was the Agricultural Revolution a Terrible Mistake? Not If You Take Food Processing Into Account
(tags: agriculture food history society )
Flight rules for git - in-depth guide to carrying out a variety of tasks
(tags: git advice )

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