Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 17-12-2017

Lovecraft speaks from beyond the grave on Science Fiction
(tags: scifi video hplovecraft )
The Most Important Non-Superhero Comic You’ve Never Heard Of
(tags: cerebus comics )
Steam Purged Of Pepe Emoticons After Creator Files Copyright Claim
(tags: steam politics frog )
Brexit: Britons now back Remain over Leave by 10 points
(tags: UK Europe polls )
Norway votes to decriminalise drugs and offer treatment instead of jail time
(tags: Norway drugs decriminalization )
World's most detailed pregnancy scan revealed
(tags: pregnancy ultrasound babies )
Ibrahim Abu Thuraya: Disabled Palestinian activist shot dead by Israeli troops in Jerusalem protest
(tags: Israel Palestine OhForFucksSake )
"As a Doctor, I'm Sick of All The Health Care Freeloaders"
(tags: healthcare children usa OhForFucksSake )
Interviews with rapists show that most of them think that _every_ man is a rapist
(tags: rape )
Rescued lion and tiger are best friends
(tags: cute lions tiger video )
These Traffic Flow Simulations Are Weirdly Mesmerizing
(tags: traffic transport roads video games viaElfy )
Nearly a quarter of men don't consider exposing themselves or masturbating in front of someone to be sexual harassment
(tags: abuse men polls OhForFucksSake usa )

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Tags: abuse, babies, cerebus, children, comics, cute, decriminalization, drugs, europe, frog, games, healthcare, hplovecraft, israel, links, lions, men, norway, ohforfuckssake, palestine, politics, polls, pregnancy, rape, roads, scifi, steam, tiger, traffic, transport, uk, ultrasound, usa, viaelfy, video

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