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Interesting Links for 09-12-2017

A guide to Bitcoin: The amazing investment based on dream gold invented by a wizard
(tags: Bitcoin satire funny )
Women can't sing rock: The Middlesbrough bar which bans female-fronted bands
(tags: women music OhForFucksSake ViaDrCross )
Korea is obsessed with Bitcoin
Also, I flew to Venice a few days ago and the in-flight magazine had _seven_ full-page ads for either Bitcoin or other blockchain/cryptocurrency technology. I wonder how much more ridiculous things can get.
(tags: bitcoin )
Couple Abandon Baby Because She Received A Blood Transfusion From A Transgender Woman
(tags: india transgender lgbt viaSupergee OhForFucksSake )
Theresa May’s Brexit deal ‘hard to reconcile’ with UK leaving the single market and customs union, EU says
(tags: europe uk )
Silicon Valley Is Hiring Models To Go Their Holiday Parties
(tags: party Technology business women OhForFucksSake )
A guide to Parliament’s Brexit tribes
(tags: UK Europe politics )
Healthcare for American Small Business Owners is Awful
(tags: healthcare usa OhForFucksSake business )
Learnings from a Mental-Health First-Aid course
(tags: mentalhealth )
My Lousy Children Are Both Fake Geeks
(tags: children geekery funny )
Trade talks will not start until February at earliest, EU tells UK
Maybe by then we'll know what we want out of them?
(tags: UK Europe trade )
Does Socialism Make People Happy?
(tags: socialism happiness europe )
Lithium-ion battery packs are $209/kWh, down 24% from a year ago and 80% from 2010.
(tags: batteries GoodNews )
Americans have to put up with Square Dancing because Henry Ford was scared of "negro music"
(tags: history dancing usa WTF racism )
Photo-realistic lip-sync from text
(tags: video technology voice )
How Patreon Sees Things
(tags: money CrowdFunding OhForFucksSake )
How William Carlos Williams’s famous poem about plums in the icebox became a meme.
My favourite: Hwæt! þēos plumas þe in icebox wære swylce þu ge-saving hǽdfe for þæm breoc-fastum eaten hæbbe ic. Me forgif mine gyltas for synnum minum Swæt wǽre swa swa ceoll frofer mannum. Þæs ofereode, þisses swa mæg.
(tags: poetry meme )

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