Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 05-12-2017

H.P. Lovecraft Gives Five Tips for Writing
(tags: fiction writing advice hplovecraft )
If you have any interest in Brexit then you should be regularly following @Law_And_Policy
(tags: twitter uk europe law )
The latest polling does _not_ look good for Brexit
(tags: uk europe polls )
Cloudflare’s CEO has a plan to never censor hate speech again
(tags: abuse censorship internet )
Netflix fills a sci-fi hole in its originals lineup with Altered Carbon
(tags: scifi tv netflix )
Scientists aim to develop drought-resistant crops using genetic engineering
(tags: genetics agriculture food )
Quentin Tarantino said he preferred Trek over Star Wars, now he has a film idea
(tags: StarTrek QuentinTarantino )
Bitcoin: UK and EU plan crackdown amid crime and tax evasion fears
(tags: bitcoin regulation uk europe )

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Tags: abuse, advice, agriculture, bitcoin, censorship, europe, fiction, food, genetics, hplovecraft, internet, law, links, netflix, polls, quentintarantino, regulation, scifi, startrek, tv, twitter, uk, writing

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