Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 27-11-2017

A recent study claimed that 41 per cent of transgender prisoners are sex offenders – this is why it's false
(tags: transgender prison uk fraud )
Who _doesn't_ want an acapella mashup of "Carol of the Bells" and "The Bells of Notre Dame"???
(tags: music video christmas Disney )
‘I was threatened for suggesting gender-neutral language’
(tags: gender language school UK media OhForFucksSake )
On Autism “Cures”
(tags: autism )
On Renewables And Being Cheaper Than Gas
(tags: renewables economics electricity thefuture )
Ultraman vs The Very Cute Fluffy Kaiju
(tags: cats funny )
Poledancing with your cat
(tags: cats cute dancing )
I had no idea that coyotes and badgers hunt cooperatively (amazing photos)
(tags: animals cooperation )
Photovoltaic growth: reality versus projections of the IEA
(tags: solarpower electricity thefuture predictions )
Spaniards face ham shortage as Chinese market gets taste for jamón ibérico
(tags: China Spain pigs food )
The GDPR Will Drain the Ad Tech Cookie Pool
(tags: surveillance privacy Europe data advertising )
When numbers aren’t neutral: the hidden politics of budget calculators
(tags: tax society politics ViaDrCross )
Momentum loyalty test planned for would-be Labour MPs
(tags: Labour politics uk )
Nazis Are Just Like You and Me, Except They're Nazis
(tags: nazis satire media usa )
Why most men won't dance
(tags: dancing men )
'Relay crime' car theft caught on camera
(tags: video car theft crime )
Successful actress Meghan Markle to wed former soldier
(tags: funny marriage royalty uk )

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