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Interesting Links for 26-11-2017

A nice look at "Roko's Basilisk" and whether you should be worried that a future AI will raise you from the dead to torture you forever
And some more information about the idea's origins, and the misunderstandings around it.
(tags: AI thefuture )
Ireland has punctured Brexiteers’ wishful thinking
(tags: Ireland UK europe )
The Uncertain Future of Bitcoin Futures
(tags: economics finance bitcoin )
Dark Souls Gets Loot Boxes
(tags: satire games video money )
Doctor Who theme's co-creator honoured with posthumous PhD
(tags: music history drwho )
Stop being such a dick about Temple of Love, Andrew Eldritch told
(tags: music goth funny )
Russian Miner Spends His Breaks Taking Photos Of Foxes In The Arctic Circle
(tags: russia foxes cute )
What’s the most annoying question to ask a nun (in 1967)
(tags: religion women anger )
Everything is better with explosions
(tags: explosions funnny )
One in two people will get a cancer diagnosis. Yet our treatment still focuses on the disease, not the person’s specific needs
(tags: cancer disease healthcare society )
Quantum Theory Rebuilt From Simple Physical Principles
(tags: quantum physics )
How the sandwich consumed Britain - and freed us from society itself
(tags: food uk )
In honor of Thomas Friedman’s latest love letter to Saudi here is 70 years of the NY Times describing Saudi royals in the language of reform
(tags: reform saudiarabia )
Young man with Asperger's dumped by B&M after 15 hours of free work as campaigners demand end to 'trial' shifts
I don't object to trial shifts. I do object to them being for free! If you're working, you should be paid.
(tags: pay work viaJennieRigg OhForFucksSake )

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Tags: ai, anger, bitcoin, cancer, cute, disease, drwho, economics, europe, explosions, finance, food, foxes, funnny, funny, games, goth, healthcare, history, ireland, links, money, music, ohforfuckssake, pay, physics, quantum, reform, religion, russia, satire, saudiarabia, society, thefuture, uk, viajennierigg, video, women, work

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