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Interesting Links for 23-11-2017

Chasing our interstellar visitor - unfortunately human technology isn’t up to the task
(tags: technology space )
Man urged to kill self by 'suicide advocate', court hears
(tags: suicide death wtf uk )
The sodding BBC is now talking about the Irish border as if it was a conspiracy theory. WTF is wrong with them?
(tags: bbc NorthernIreland Europe uk conspiracy OhForFucksSake )
MRI shows brain differences among ADHD patients
(tags: brain adhd neuroscience )
Sugar industry withheld possible evidence of cancer link 50 years ago
(tags: sugar health history )
Simple visual processing exercise is the first intervention to actually limit dementia
(tags: dementia aging psychology mentalhealth )
Don't quit your job for a dream project unless you have enough savings for it to all go wrong
(tags: gaming development fail )
The Jobs You're Most Likely to Inherit From Your Mother and Father
I didn't become a doctor, or go into data analysis. But my father loved technology, and the exposure I got to their worlds certainly influenced me and gave me options.
(tags: parents jobs )
In case you're wondering what DVDs Osama Bin Laden used to watch
(tags: OsamaBinLaden movies )
We’re at the Dawn of Choosing Embryos by Health, Height, and More
Aaah, Brave New World, That Will Have Such Creatures In It.
(tags: genetics babies thefuture )
UK wants entirely self-driving cars on the roads by 2021
(tags: transport automation driving uk thefuture )
UK to enable 'world first' transferable tax histories for late life oil and gas (I can see now way in which this could go wrong)
(tags: tax oil uk )
UK faces longest fall in living standards since records began
(tags: doom economics uk OhForFucksSake Conservatives viaSwampers )
Deep fat fryers help counteract global warming! (And explain why Scotland is so cloudy)
(tags: cooking fat globalwarming )

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