Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 16-11-2017

When Hate Speech Is Soundtracked to Music You Wrote
(tags: music racism rights )
Artificial Intelligence Is Now Your Coworker
(tags: work ai thefuture )
David Davis promises that bankers will get freedom of movement after Brexit
(tags: banking freedom UK europe )
This is frankly one of the most exciting things I've seen in collaborative coding in a very long time
(tags: coding development Microsoft collaboration )
Young people out of love with their own bodies
(tags: mentalhealth UK bodies )
Musings on grammar, notably Czech grammar
(tags: language grammar )
The movie about the creator of Wonder Woman does not sound great. Or good. Or, indeed, not awful. Shame, really
(tags: movies history comics polyamory )
‘Jews are gross’ said Gay Times editor who tweeted homophobic, transphobic posts
(tags: racism homophobia lgbt OhForFucksSake )
Elon Musk: The sad fuzzy bear who's inventing the future
(tags: technology thefuture relationships ElonMusk )
Landmark study links austerity to 120,000 deaths
(tags: austerity death )
The Surprising Link Between Autism, Gender, and Courteney Cox
(tags: autism gender )
In historic move, Christopher Tolkien resigns as director of Tolkien Estate
I'd been wondering what was going on there.
(tags: Tolkien )
We must imagine Sisyphus happy and also as an otter
(tags: otters video cute )
The Hungarian approach to education - and how it helps people learn to think
(tags: thinking Education hungary math )
Boys are more likely to perform well in schools with a higher proportion of girls
(tags: gender Education )
The number of people in work _and_ out of work have both fallen. Anyone care to dig into this?
(tags: employment uk unemployment )
Twitter punishes Nazis! By...removing a small blue tick.
(tags: twitter nazis Yay )

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Tags: ai, austerity, autism, banking, bodies, coding, collaboration, comics, cute, death, development, education, elonmusk, employment, europe, freedom, gender, grammar, history, homophobia, hungary, language, lgbt, links, math, mentalhealth, microsoft, movies, music, nazis, ohforfuckssake, otters, polyamory, racism, relationships, rights, technology, thefuture, thinking, tolkien, twitter, uk, unemployment, video, work, yay

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