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Interesting Links for 14-11-2017

Are British people actually polite?
(tags: etiquette UK politeness funny true )
15% of people are sensitive to bread. But it's not gluten that's upsetting their stomach.
This is what happened to me. I assumed gluten-sensitive, but my IBS is FODMAPs-related, and discovering that helped me to finally get it under control. I don't blame people who think they're gluten-sensitive. If you got an upset stomach every time you ate wheat then you'd probably start to think you had a gluten problem too...
(tags: food health gluten viaSwampers )
Tiny Tiny RSS sends bad threads to "The Gas Chamber"
(tags: OhForFucksSake Holocaust Technology )
Ferry McFerryface to be name of new Sydney ferry after public vote
(tags: names funny viaSwampers )
Not the comp.text.sgml Frequently Asked Questions List
I kinda wish I found this less funny
(tags: text Technology funny )
In 2015, homeowners voted CON 46 LAB 22, mortgage holders CON 39 LAB 31. But social renters voted CON 18 LAB 50, private renters CON 28 LAB 39.
(tags: housing uk voting politics )
Working 9 to 5? 66% of Brits would prefer their work day started and ended earlier (I am clearly deeply odd)
(tags: work time uk )
Government offers now a meaningless vote on Brexit
(tags: europe uk government OhForFucksSake )
A UK Cinema Is Screening Every Episode Of 'Game Of Thrones' Back-To-Back
I love Game of Thrones, but this is too much.
(tags: cinema gameofthrones )
Amazon announces Lots of the Rings prequel series
(tags: Amazon lotr tv )
The UK Supreme Court has never ruled whether Article 50 can be rescinded
(tags: UK law europe )
'Bros' fight the patriarchy with fliers about consent and housework at Blazers games
(tags: consent patriarchy society GoodNews men )
A clear example of the sociopathic nature of the gig economy
(tags: work OhForFucksSake apps )
The Post-Weinstein Reckoning
(tags: women abuse society viaFanf )
SpotMini - the latest robot dog from Boston Dynamics
(tags: robots video )
Against Brilliant Jerks
(tags: society behaviour teams viaFanf )
Trade school, not 4-year college, can solve the US income gap
(tags: Education work money )
Illegal puppy trade surges in UK ready for Christmas (horrifying!)
(tags: dogs uk abuse )
Book Review: Legal Systems Very Different From Ours
(tags: law society )

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