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Interesting Links for 31-10-2017

Google 'drop everything' to fix burger emoji
(tags: google food funny )
Extract from Plato’s Republic: On That Which is Correct Politically
(tags: philosophy funny satire viaSwampers )
These books are how I work
(tags: programming funny viaSwampers )
That's nine dead Russia officials/diplomats since elections...
(tags: Russia death )
We Are Breeding a World Full of Creatures That Cannot Survive
(tags: evolution fail )
What people really don't like about the New Atheists
I think they're actually doing remarkably well. The number of people who identify themselves as religious has dropped significantly, and a lot of people who would say "Christian" when they never actually went to church (outside of funerals and weddings) have stopped doing so. Providing a public identity and face for "Not believing any religion is true" and giving a rallying point for people who are fed up with being told that they live in a "Christian country" is going staggeringly well for them.
(tags: atheism religion )
How a Facebook experimented affected news in Cambodia
(tags: Cambodia news facebook )
Math’s Beautiful Monsters
(tags: mathematics )
A Lady Logician (a tale of triumph over horrific prejudice)
(tags: mathematics logic history women academia )
"Rehab" in the USA is apparently "Forced labour camps"
(tags: slavery usa crime )
To achieve your goals, don't exercise willpower, avoid temptation
(tags: behaviour psychology productivity self-control )
Average UK debt at £8,000 per person (not including the mortgage)
You wait until interest rates go up...
(tags: debt uk )

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