Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 27-10-2017

Disney Channel makes history with first gay storyline
(tags: Disney lgbt )
Support for Weed Legalization Has Reached a New High in the USA
(tags: marijuana legalisation usa )
56% of NI 18-44 year olds support a United Ireland
(tags: NorthernIreland ireland )
Women in Scotland allowed abortion pill at home
(tags: abortion Scotland GoodNews )
Mental health: 'My employer's support saved my life'
(tags: mentalhealth work )
Famous Historical Witch Hunts
(tags: satire solemn society witchcraft )
Walmart will soon have robots roaming the aisles in 50 stores
(tags: robots shopping )
A Deep Dive Into ‘Grand Designs’, the Greatest Show on British Television
(tags: architecture design uk tv housing class )
These 10 Careers Pay Women More Than Men
(tags: jobs gender inequality )
How Facebook is making itself less useable in order to make more money
(tags: Facebook OhForFucksSake )
Reddit Limits Noxious Content by Giving Trolls Fewer Places to Gather
(tags: racism abuse forum web discussion reddit )
Rare ghostly image of Mary Queen of Scots discovered hidden beneath artwork
(tags: history art scotland )
Australian High Court Bars 5 Lawmakers Over Citizenship
(tags: australia politics )
Olivia Colman to replace Claire Foy as Queen Elizabeth II in series 3 and 4 of The Queen
(tags: queen royalty uk tv )
Female Westminster staff warning each other about sex-pest MPs in secret WhatsApp group
(tags: government uk abuse women )

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Tags: abortion, abuse, architecture, art, australia, class, design, discussion, disney, facebook, forum, gender, goodnews, government, history, housing, inequality, ireland, jobs, legalisation, lgbt, links, marijuana, mentalhealth, northernireland, ohforfuckssake, politics, queen, racism, reddit, robots, royalty, satire, scotland, shopping, society, solemn, tv, uk, usa, web, witchcraft, women, work

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