Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 18-10-2017

Believers in conspiracy theories and the paranormal are more likely to see illusory patterns
(tags: illusion psychology conspiracy belief )
War Plan Red - the 1930s plan for the USA to invade Britain
(tags: history usa uk war )
Harvey Weinstein Accusers List
(tags: abuse movies hollywood )
That Viking textile doesn't actually say "Allah"
(tags: islam history viking fail )
Carrie Fisher gave predatory producer a cow's tongue in a box
(tags: abuse Hollywood )
Gun waiting periods prevent hundreds of murders, according to 45-year study
(tags: guns death research )
Britain is facing a terrorist threat as unrelenting as it is unprecedented, MI5 chief warns
(tags: terrorism uk islam )
A day in the life of a Google human resources 'talent channels specialist.'
(tags: Google work )
Amazon Studios exec Roy Price resigns after sexual harassment claim
I really am hoping this turns into an avalanche
(tags: abuse amazon )
world's first floating wind farm opens (in Scotland)
(tags: Scotland windpower ocean )
Star Wars music with major and minor key reversed (Vader's march delightfully triumphal)
(tags: music StarWars )

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Tags: abuse, amazon, belief, conspiracy, death, fail, google, guns, history, hollywood, illusion, islam, links, movies, music, ocean, psychology, research, scotland, starwars, terrorism, uk, usa, viking, war, windpower, work

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