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Interesting Links for 12-10-2017

UK state should pay for housing, food, transport and internet, says report
(tags: economics housing uk food GuaranteedIncome )
Yorkshire devolution: Archbishop asked to help in stalemate
(tags: devolution yorkshire uk )
Spotify’s Discover Weekly: How machine learning finds your new music
(tags: ai music advice spotify )
Is federalism the answer to the Scottish constitutional question?
Only if the UK is willing to also devolve to the regions. Otherwise it'll be horribly lopsided. Ten regions of six million (ish) each should do it.
(tags: uk politics scotland )
Scientists reveal how inflammation affects the life of brain cells (possibly causing depression)
(tags: depression inflammation brain )
What's the state of religion in Britain?
(tags: religion uk GoodNews )
Would you like some approved random numbers?
(tags: numbers history )
Obama officials mocked Britain in secret and treated "special relationship" as a joke
I'm shocked! Shocked I tell you!
(tags: usa uk )
"Stuff Wot I Found On The Internet" - a reliable source of amusing links
(tags: viaSwampers )
Terry Crews reveals that he was once sexually assaulted by a Hollywood executive
(tags: assault sex tv )
Meanwhile, inside the mind of an alt-right protestor
(tags: violence nazis comic satire )
"I Bullshitted My Way to the Top of Paris Fashion Week"
Utterly boggling
(tags: fashion fraud funny )
Female dolphins evolved protective vaginas to stop unwanted males mating with them
(tags: dolphin vagina sex )
The Airport Bomber From Last Week You Never Heard About
(tags: race terrorism usa )
Equifax website hacked again, this time to redirect to fake Flash update
(tags: Flash hacking fail )
Scientists Can Read a Bird’s Brain and Predict Its Next Song
(tags: brain birds song neuroscience )
What Oculus Research are up to with VR and AR
(tags: VirtualReality augmentedreality thefuture research Technology )
How will Brexit affect health and health services in the UK? (See, particularly, figure 2)
(tags: uk europe health nhs )
IMF: higher taxes for rich will cut inequality without hitting growth
(tags: economics inequality growth tax )

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