Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 09-10-2017

The UK housing market's perfect storm, and five steps to avoid it
Oh for a sensible housing policy
(tags: housing uk )
Theresa May's Brexit plans in ruins after France and Germany reject move on to discussing transitional arrangement
(tags: Europe uk doom )
How a negative review of Legend was spun into movie marketing gold
(tags: movies reviews fraud marketing )
Crispin’s Model (the best Lovecraftian short story I've read in a long time)
(tags: hplovecraft short_story horror art )
Ghostbusters is a Surprising Antidote to Lovecraft’s Dismal Worldview
(tags: hplovecraft movie belief world )
Northern Ireland man can't marry fiancee from Japan because he holds Irish passport
(tags: UK immigration Ireland OhForFucksSake )
Saudi Man Causes Outrage And Praise For Posting Picture Of Wife Driving
(tags: women driving saudiarabia )
Independence in the Age of Disruption: questions for Scotland’s main parties
(tags: politics scotland )
Microsoft finally admits Windows Phone is dead
(tags: Windows Microsoft phones )

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Tags: art, belief, doom, driving, europe, fraud, horror, housing, hplovecraft, immigration, ireland, links, marketing, microsoft, movie, movies, ohforfuckssake, phones, politics, reviews, saudiarabia, scotland, short_story, uk, windows, women, world

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