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Interesting Links for 04-10-2017

Brexit negotiations: European Parliament says sufficient progress not made as it urges EU leaders to delay next phase of talks
(tags: uk europe )
Scottish government bans fracking in landmark decision
(tags: scotland oil gas )
Navy Returns to Compasses and Pencils to Help Avoid Collisions at Sea (also increases sleep, abandons 100-hour duty rosters)
(tags: navy usa fail )
Waymo vs. Uber: unsealed court documents reveal damning evidence
(tags: crime Technology OhForFucksSake driving )
Different parts of the brain are used for different genres of computer game
(tags: games brain )
"In the past two weeks, Spain did more for Catalan independence than the Catalans in the past 10 years"
(tags: Spain Catalonia independence )
A look at the gun laws that may have aided Las Vegas shooter
Yay for legal machine guns for civilian use!
(tags: guns usa law )
United States rejects UN resolution condemning use of death penalty to target LGBTQ people
Apparently because it would have also condemned their execution of mentally ill people and children.
(tags: OhForFucksSake usa lgbt death )
Possibly the least romantic song of all time
(tags: vialilysea song video music sex funny )
What sex workers want should be a vital part of feminist politics
(tags: sexwork feminism politics )
Winnie-the-Pooh brought joy to readers, but misery to the Milnes
(tags: writing life history uk )
Fecal transplant success for diabetes might depend on the recipient's gut microbes
(tags: diabetes microbiome )
‘I wasn’t taught that at school’ – British viewers shocked by ITV drama’s ‘brutally honest’ portrayal of the Irish Famine
(tags: Ireland UK history )
This Future Looks Familiar: Watching Blade Runner in 2017
(tags: movies slavery thefuture RidleyScott )
Why the Thames water level changes rapidly during a day in London?
(tags: London funny water )
Why Final Fantasy's Very First Ultima Spell Was Useless
(tags: games design history )

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Tags: brain, catalonia, crime, death, design, diabetes, driving, europe, fail, feminism, funny, games, gas, guns, history, independence, ireland, law, lgbt, life, links, london, microbiome, movies, music, navy, ohforfuckssake, oil, politics, ridleyscott, scotland, sex, sexwork, slavery, song, spain, technology, thefuture, uk, usa, vialilysea, video, water, writing

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