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Interesting Links for 03-10-2017

Not all disagreements are opportunities to change your own mind
(tags: argument belief )
FactCheck Q&A: the Tories’ plans for student loans
(tags: Conservatives students loans )
Electric car owners 'can drive for free by letting energy firms use battery'
(tags: electricity cars batteries uk )
New 24/7 bus between Glasgow and Edinburgh
(tags: Glasgow edinburgh transport )
You can safely ignore any electricity commentator who uses the word "baseload"
(tags: electricity renewables viaDanielDWilliam )
Gun company stocks soar after Vegas massacre
(tags: guns money death usa business )
London voters happy with Uber decision
(tags: london regulation taxi )
5 Ways To Honor The Victims Of The Las Vegas Shooting Without Being Disrespectful To The NRA
(tags: satire guns usa )
A Tom Petty tribute. With kittens
(tags: cats music death )
Google admits citing 4chan to spread fake Vegas shooter news
(tags: google news fraud OhForFucksSake )
At $50 a barrel, billions in tax breaks keep many oil projects profitable ($2Billion per year)
(tags: oil tax OhForFucksSake )
How is it that so many of us seem to live in different worlds?
(tags: personality society groups psychology )
Sex Differences in Nonhuman Primates
(tags: gender behaviour monkey )
Every Member of Congress Who Took Money From the NRA and Tweeted 'Thoughts and Prayers' to Las Vegas
(tags: usa politics guns )
A map of what it would like if all of the European Independence movements succeeded
Presumably not _all_ as there are some absolutely tiny ones out there.
(tags: independence maps europe )

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