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Interesting Links for 29-09-2017

The Coming Software Apocalypse
I'm not completely sold by this. There are areas where it definitely makes sense, but I'm not sure how it would fit into a lot of the work I see. But I'm prepared to be convinced.
(tags: software design complexity )
China to shut down North Korean companies
(tags: china NorthKorea )
Edinburgh set for first all-electric buses
(tags: Edinburgh buses transport electricity )
What happened to the improved UK plug?
(tags: uk design electricity )
If you have any interest in Robert Heinlein then you should take a look at this new book on his work
(tags: scifi heinlein )
Brexit: European Parliament to propose Northern Ireland stays in single market
(tags: europe UK NorthernIreland )
In people with OCD, actions are at odds with beliefs
(tags: belief behaviour psychology )
Self-esteem in kids: Lavish praise is not the answer, warmth is
(tags: children parenting )
Floating Point Visually Explained
(tags: numbers mathematics programming computers )
Amazon developing three new sci-fi series: Lazarus, Snow Crash and Ringworld
(tags: Amazon scifi tv )
Does Adding Expensive Housing Help the Little Guy?
(tags: housing economics )
A large chunk of British "exports" are actually people selling gold from London vaults
And because this mostly leaves the EU it distorts our trade balances
(tags: uk gold Europe )
EU justice commissioner resists calls for legislation on online hate speech
(tags: freespeech europe hate )

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