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Interesting Links for 26-09-2017

Researcher blocked from researching detransition because it might offend people
(tags: transgender research )
Labour conference 2017: Russell Brand calls for drugs to be decriminalised and regulated to combat addiction
(tags: drugs legalisation uk )
Brexit: EU chief negotiator says no talks on transition period until divorce bill is settled
Was the obvious response to May's speech
(tags: UK europe )
Squirrel, apparently, cannot die from falling
Although nobody seems to know what terminal velocity is for a squirrel
(tags: squirrel video height )
The effect of robots on the German labour market
(tags: economics automation robots Germany manufacturing )
It's ok to be stuck. And you need to be ok with that
(tags: psychology learning mathematics viaFanf )
A really clear explanation of what Europe needs from the UK on the Irish border
(tags: Ireland NorthernIreland UK europe )
Live in a flat in Edinburgh? The council have a survey on recycling
(tags: recycling Edinburgh survey )
The Banned 1910s Magazine That Started a Feminist Movement in Japan
(tags: japan history feminism )
Reddit asks "Russians who were adults back while the Soviet Union existed: How does life in Russia now compare to back then?"
(tags: russia history )
Man banned from Twitter over mosquito death threat
(tags: twitter abuse fail OhForFucksSake )
Debunking the Standard Narrative on the "Opioid Epidemic"
(tags: drugs )
Gender pay gap for managers £3,000 more than thought
(tags: gender pay uk OhForFucksSake )

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