Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 25-09-2017

Brazil Judge Rules Homosexuality a Disease, Approves 'Conversion Therapy'
(tags: Brazil lgbt )
Catastrophic lack of sleep in modern society is killing us
(tags: sleep health )
Behind New Obamacare Repeal Vote: Furious Republican Donors
(tags: money politics usa )
NHS Anti-immigration language rules to be relaxed after they prevented native-English speaking nurses
They were failing people for incorrect tenses and essay structure. What were they thinking? (Other than the obvious hatred of foreigners)
(tags: language uk OhForFucksSake nhs immigration )
1912 Newspaper Article Anticipates Global Warming
(tags: globalwarming history co2 )
Time to ditch GDP (are there better measures which have broad support from experts?)
(tags: economics )
Britain Is Cracking Down on Gender Stereotypes in Ads
(tags: gender stereotypes advertising uk )

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Tags: advertising, brazil, co2, economics, gender, globalwarming, health, history, immigration, language, lgbt, links, money, nhs, ohforfuckssake, politics, sleep, stereotypes, uk, usa

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