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Interesting Links for 24-09-2017

Another delay for ScotRail's £370m Edinburgh to Glasgow electric train service plans
(tags: Edinburgh Glasgow trains electricity fail )
Superaccurate GPS Chips Coming to Smartphones in 2018
(tags: GPS location phones viaFanf )
Clever Machines Learn How to Be Curious (And Play Super Mario Bros.)
(tags: games ai personality learning )
A Ukrainian born billionaire who does biz w/ Russian oligarchs is funding Trump's legal representation via RNC
(tags: politics Russia usa EpicWTF )
Bringing the web up to speed with WebAssembly
(tags: web programming thefuture )
I'm ggoing to Thing Explaining with Randall Munroe Tickets on Wed, 4 Oct - anyone else going?
(tags: xkcd viaSwampers )
A 1979 War-Game That Takes 1,500 Hours to Complete
(tags: games time history wwii )
Why rejecting the modern world is a privileged fantasy
(tags: Technology medicine life society )
Watch how long a two-euro coin can balance on Fuxing train traveling at 350 kph, on #HighSpeedRail linking Beijing with Shanghai
So, how long until we get trains that fast and smooth in the UK?
(tags: trains )
More than half UK population has no religion
(tags: UK religion GoodNews )
Rick And Morty’s worst fans don’t deserve Rick And Morty
It really bothers me that most of the t-shirts I've seen are clearly aimed at people who want to be Rick.
(tags: tv fandom fail abuse )
Sea salt around the world is contaminated by plastic
Because, of course, the sea around the world is contaminated by plastic
(tags: pollution plastic ocean food salt )
I have done without any form of technology for six months and my life is utterly shit
(tags: satire technology media )
Students are biased against female lecturers
(tags: patriarchy women academia OhForFucksSake )
Project Black Bus – using taxis like buses
(tags: technology transport taxi )

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Tags: #highspeedrail, abuse, academia, ai, edinburgh, electricity, epicwtf, fail, fandom, food, games, glasgow, goodnews, gps, history, learning, life, links, location, media, medicine, ocean, ohforfuckssake, patriarchy, personality, phones, plastic, politics, pollution, programming, religion, russia, salt, satire, society, taxi, technology, thefuture, time, trains, transport, tv, uk, usa, viafanf, viaswampers, web, women, wwii, xkcd

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