Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 20-09-2017

HMRC will focus on mass market schemes after successful first anti-avoidance panel ruling
(tags: tax uk )
Before You Spend $2 Billion on Your Own Submarine, Read This
And if you were wondering what to get me for Christmas...
(tags: transport submarine ocean luxury )
Brontosaurus raised from dead, as scientists rule dinosaur did exist
(tags: dinosaurs zombies )
Sex, aggression controlled separately in female brains, but overlap in male brains (in mice)
(tags: aggression sex mice brain )
Red squirrels winning battle with greys in Aberdeen woods
(tags: Scotland squirrel nature GoodNews )
Take the impossible “literacy” test Louisiana used to give black voters.
(tags: racism voting usa viaSwampers )
A Proterra electric bus just drove 1,100 miles on a single charge
(tags: bus transport electricity )
Stirling, the university that broke the mould, turns 50
(tags: Scotland University history )
Scotland's rental rules are changing from December
(tags: Scotland rental law )
Neo-Nazi site finds home in Iceland
(tags: Iceland web nazis freespeech )
Feeling bad about failure is part of how we learn to do better
I know too many people for whom this reaction is clearly extreme.
(tags: failure psychology emotion )
On punching Nazis
(tags: nazis freespeech violence )
Are all space-capitalists Jewish?
(tags: Jews stereotypes scifi )
Edinburgh’s unbuilt Inner Ring Road
(tags: Edinburgh transport history scotland )

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Tags: aggression, brain, bus, dinosaurs, edinburgh, electricity, emotion, failure, freespeech, goodnews, history, iceland, jews, law, links, luxury, mice, nature, nazis, ocean, psychology, racism, rental, scifi, scotland, sex, squirrel, stereotypes, submarine, tax, transport, uk, university, usa, viaswampers, violence, voting, web, zombies

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