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Interesting Links for 15-09-2017

From Prison to Ph.D.: The Redemption and Rejection of Michelle Jones
An interesting one. Redemption is something I find fascinating, and something I can see people really struggling with here.
(tags: usa crime phd abuse mother murder )
New £10 note worth £8.60 compared to pre-Brexit money
(tags: Europe UK money viaSwampers )
Labour MP appointed to Parliament's science committee is part of climate change denial think-tank
(tags: globalwarming labour OhForFucksSake )
Facebook Enabled Advertisers to Reach ‘Jew Haters’
(tags: Jews bigotry Facebook advertising OhForFucksSake )
Teen sends dick pic to 22-year-old woman, now he’s a child pornographer
(tags: children sex photos OhForFucksSake law usa )
Mechanism behind calorie restriction, lengthened lifespan revealed
(tags: life food diet health )
The Importance of the Oxford Comma (a poem}
(tags: poetry grammar language funny )
Iceland's government falls over child molester coverup
(tags: Iceland Child_abuse OhForFucksSake politics )
Sports Direct using fingerprint sensors to detect unhappy employees and then question them
(tags: OhForFucksSake work happiness )
Spain Fines Facebook Over Tracking Users Without Consent
(tags: spain facebook privacy )
Youtube Continues To Hurt Independent Animators, Bans Award-Winning Animated Short
(tags: animation youtube censorship )
Burger-flipping robot has its first day on the job in California
(tags: cooking automation )

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Tags: abuse, advertising, animation, automation, bigotry, censorship, child_abuse, children, cooking, crime, diet, europe, facebook, food, funny, globalwarming, grammar, happiness, health, iceland, jews, labour, language, law, life, links, money, mother, murder, ohforfuckssake, phd, photos, poetry, politics, privacy, sex, spain, uk, usa, viaswampers, work, youtube

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