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Interesting Links for 11-09-2017

Wetin dey happen? The BBC's Pidgin news site is a huge deal
(tags: language bbc english africa )
Taylor! Swift! vs Andy! Samberg!
(tags: funny video music )
Moviemania - A huge collection of textless high-resolution movie wallpapers
(tags: movies art viaElfy )
How society went so horribly, horribly wrong
(tags: agriculture farming prehistory comic funny )
Nation Suddenly Realizes This Just Going To Be A Thing That Happens From Now On
(tags: weather usa satire )
Is this the best view from a toilet? (Rest of blog is totally worth reading, many gorgous photos)
(tags: toilets nature photos )
How to make your own bottled water
(tags: water )
The Voynich manuscript has probably not been solved?
(tags: history viaFanf encryption )
'It was wonderfully scary': Tim Curry, Rob Reiner and Kathy Bates on the joy of adapting Stephen King
(tags: StephenKing horror movies interview )
Louis C.K. would rather ignore those assault rumours - here's why that's so disappointing
(tags: abuse sex society comedy )
Equifax Lobbied to Kill Rule Protecting Victims of Data Breaches
(tags: data privacy identity OhForFucksSake )
32 Puppies On Their First Days Of Work
(tags: puppy dogs viaPatrickHadfield photos )
The easy availability of temptations, combined with constant stress, is taking its toll on a whole generation
(tags: happiness pleasure addiction society )
Parents sue Christian school over boy allowed to wear a dress
(tags: OhForFucksSake lgbt school uk viaSwampers )
Offshore wind power cheaper than new nuclear in the UK
(tags: windpower nuclearpower UK )
How Russia Created the Most Popular Texas Secession Page on Facebook
(tags: russia usa propaganda )
Amazon now has more than 100,000 robots.
The claims about not losing jobs are...fairly unbelievable. I strongly suspect that at the least they aren't hiring as many temporary workers, or replacing people who leave through normal turnover.
(tags: amazon robots jobs )
Messages that work for your own side don't work for reaching others
(tags: morality politics )
Massive genetic study shows how humans are evolving
* Analysis of 215,000 people's DNA suggests variants that shorten life are being selected against. * tested more than 8 million common mutations, and found two that seemed to become less prevalent with age. A variant of the APOE gene, which is strongly linked to Alzheimer’s disease, was rarely found in women over 70. And a mutation in the CHRNA3 gene associated with heavy smoking in men petered out in the population starting in middle age. People without these mutations have a survival edge and are more likely to live longer, the researchers suggest. * certain groups of genetic mutations, which individually would not have a measurable effect but together accounted for health threats, appeared less often in people who were expected to have long lifespans than in those who weren't. These included predispositions to asthma, high body mass index and high cholesterol. * Most surprising, however, was the finding that sets of mutations that delay puberty and childbearing are more prevalent in long-lived people.
(tags: genetics age humans evolution )
1041 genes affecting intelligence found (responsible for 5% of variance)
(tags: genetics Intelligence )

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