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Interesting Links for 08-09-2017

Amazon and Apple join race for James Bond distribution rights
(tags: JamesBond Apple Amazon business movies viaSwampers )
Why Bulgaria is becoming a ghost country
(tags: bulgaria demographics population viaSwampers )
7 Ways I Bond With My With My Son That Also Let Us Troll Jerks on Facebook
(tags: fatherhood parenting viaSwampers )
Go slow: an umbrella review of the effects of 20 mph zones and limits on health
Of note because Edinburgh recently bought one in.
(tags: driving safety )
How Donkey Kong was (re)created in 4kB of ROM and 128 bytes of RAM
(tags: programming impressive games viaMyBrotherMike )
Irish until she wasn't - how DNA testing can upend people's identities and lead them to new families
(tags: identity genetics family viaSwampers )
Zoë Quinn tells her story - and that of Gamergate
(tags: games abuse internet misogyny racism viaSwampers )
Judge won’t release man jailed 2 years for refusing to decrypt drives
(tags: encryption usa prison )
Why the Equifax breach is very possibly the worst leak of personal info ever
(tags: hacking data epicfail security identity )
What makes alcoholics drink? Research shows it's more complex than supposed
(tags: alcohol mentalhealth )
Fifty–fifty split best for children of divorce
(tags: divorce children )
Discovery of genes linked to preterm birth in landmark study
Good work there from 23AndMe
(tags: genetics babies )

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